100% Member Schools

Every California college and university can count on CalCPA as a partner in ensuring the future of the CPA profession is robust and strong.

Schools are invited to participate in our 100% member school program, which will play a pivotal role in our ongoing effort to increase the value and promote the integrity of the CPA profession. There is strength in numbers and as our membership grows, so does our ability to represent the CPA profession to legislators, educators and the public.

In order to participate, schools must commit to advancing and promoting CalCPA's free student membership to all eligible students on campus.

School benefits include:

  • Listing in CalCPA publications and website in recognition of its 100% member school status
  • Orientation for incoming freshman and transfer accounting students every fall (if applicable for the spring as well)
  • Mock CPA exam simulation once a semester offered by CalCPA in conjunction with Surgent CPA Review
  • Dedicated scholarship donations from CalCPA to the school's accounting department to be awarded as determined by the department
  • Involvement in CalCPA’s “From Community College to CPA” program with reserved speaking slots for the events
  • Coordinated outreach with CalCPA to undeclared majors on campus
  • Dedicated CalCPA chapter firm tours and visits for students
  • Career/accounting/industry workshops (forensic accounting, tax updates, interviewing, LinkedIn profiles, business etiquette)
  • New graduate boot camp covering topics such as what to expect your first year working, budgeting, investing, career development
  • Complimentary advertising opportunities for graduate accounting programs ($4,000 value). See marketing benefits sheet for more information.

CalCPA's is proud to designate the following institutions as 100% Membership Schools:

For more information about the 100% member school program, contact senior program manager, David Lo.