Participants in the Grassroots Program are CalCPA members who recognize the difference that individuals can make in the legislative process on behalf of the profession, their clients, and the public. Legislators often base decisions upon communications they receive from constituents; therefore, it is essential for CalCPA members to establish a connection with their elected representatives. The CalCPA government relations team carefully watches events in the legislature and alerts members in the Grassroots Program when a hot issue requires grassroots participation. Participants will then be able to call upon their relationship with their elected official and provide a localized perspective of the political impact of legislation.  

Grassroots Activities

  • Educate your local legislators on the issues affecting you and your clients.
  • Know your legislators’ background and issue priorities.
  • Develop a personal, constituent relationship with the legislator based on mutual trust and respect.  
  • Be aware of pending legislation or regulations that may affect the profession.
  • Reinforce the constituent relationship with your legislator by regularly communicating professional issues that may be of interest to him or her and the staff.

Members can make a difference by contacting elected officials and becoming a liaison between them and CalCPA. If you have a relationship with a legislator, or are willing to establish one, please join and have your voice heard.  

If you do not personally know a lawmaker, do not let that deter you. The government relations and grassroots team will assist you in the process. Party affiliation should not be an obstacle. You need not be a member of his or her political party to establish a relationship. Remember, your legislator represents the entire district.

CalCPA Members: Join the CalCPA grassroots campaign today by contacting the CalCPA Government Relations team at (916) 441-5351 or by email at!


2019 District Drop-In Wrap Up

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 District Drop-In Week. Our grassroots members are truly the backbone of CalCPA’s advocacy efforts and your participation in this event has further cemented CalCPA’s position as the voice of the profession. Over the course of two weeks, members from across the state participated in 34 meetings with Legislators and their staff. During the meetings, members reiterated the negative affects of a new sales tax on business services and how that would effect their district.

These district visits are crucial to the success of our advocacy efforts in Sacramento. These meetings serve as an opportunity for Legislators to further solidify the relationship with their local CPAs. More importantly, it allows them to hear directly from their constituents on the issues affecting the profession and how these issues will trickle down and affect the everyday lives of their constituents and the businesses within their district. 

Thank you to all those who participated. Without member support, CalCPA cannot be as successful in its advocacy program. If you would like to find out how you can be a part of CalCPA’s grassroots efforts in your district or in Sacramento, contact CalCPA’s Government Relations office at Also mark January 22, 2020 on your calendar for the next CPA Day at the Capitol where you will again be able to participate in CalCPA’s grassroots advocacy.