Storing and sharing files, communicating and getting electronic signatures from clients and colleagues is easy and ultra-secure for CalCPA members. All members* now have access to, Verifyle Pro™ (a $108 value), an ultra-secure online file sharing and messaging service.

What’s included?

  • Host up to 1,500 Workspaces at a time
  • Up to 250 documents per Workspace
  • Unlimited file upload size
  • 100GB of encrypted storage
  • The ability to customize your account with your logo
  • Unlimited document signing for you and your guests (clients and colleagues)

Verifyle Pro recorded demo:

Which CalCPA members receive this benefit as part of their membership?

Verifyle Pro is for all CalCPA members with the exception of Free Student and Free Candidate members.

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How secure is it?

Verifyle is both user-friendly and very secure. It uses the most powerful encryption technology available on the web (Cellucrypt®), using six unique encryption keys for each individual item stored or shared.

How to start using Verifyle Pro?

Members that have never logged into Verifyle before

  • Visit
  • Enter your CalCPA Member ID
  • Enter the email address you want to use with your Verifyle account
  • Click "Next"
  • Enter your first name and last name
  • Click "Next"

Next, you should receive an email (if you don't get it right away, try waiting a few minutes and check any junk or spam folders).

  • Click the "Activate Account" button in the email. You will be given a strong and unique password that you should save somewhere safe (or change the password)

If you already have an active Verifyle account and have not yet been upgraded, you should follow the above instructions but enter your password when asked. After you have been upgraded, you can use the regular login page at

How do I get support with my Verifyle account?