Webcast FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my computer able to handle an Education Foundation Webcast?

Test your computer with the webcast system check. This test confirms all of your current settings will allow you to use the functionalities provided.


How do I register myself for a Webcast?

Once you’ve selected a webcast, click on the event link and then click “add to cart.”

If you are a first-time Education Foundation or CalCPA customer, you will be asked to create an account. If you are a CalCPA member or have purchased from the Education Foundation in the past, simply sign in to the secure area with your username and password.


Best Webcast Results

Chrome, Firefox or Safari are your recommended browsers. There have been known issues with customers viewing webcasts on Internet Explorer that cannot be supported. If your device is behind a firewall, you will likely experience inconsistent time checks, polling questions and/or audio/video.

Enable Popups in your browser and if you use Pop Up Blockers, make sure they are disabled:


Group Registrations

Two or more participants at the same location may view the webcast through one internet connection (e.g., through a projector in a conference room). Group participants may not log into the webcast individually.


How do I register a group?

Once you’ve selected a webcast, click on the event link and then click “Register Group.” Next, click “Add Registrants” to add members of your firm to your purchase. Please note that individuals registered as part of a group should NOT log into the webcast individually on the day of the event. Only the group leader should log into the webcast.


How do I modify my group?

Call Member Services at (800) 922-5272 or support@calcpa.org to change your group leader, or to add or remove participants.


Will you contact me prior to the event?
How do I get the materials associated with a webcast?

Four days prior to the event, you will receive a confirmation email (from CalCPA Event Confirmation or support@calcpa.org ) with details on how to login to the webcast and download any materials (not all webcasts have ancillary materials).


How do I view the webcast?

Twenty minutes prior to the webcast, visit https://community.calcpa.org/s/activities and login using your calcpa.org login. All webcasts in which you have registered for are listed here. Simply click the webcast scheduled for today.


How do I ensure I receive full CPE credit for the webcast?

CPE is offered for most Education Foundation webcasts.

The California Board of Accountancy requires three randomly timed attendance verifiers per 50-minute hour. You will be required to respond to an attendance question that will appear on your screen. The attendance question will appear on your screen for only 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You must respond to 75 percent of the attendance questions to receive full credit (it's OK if you miss a few attendance checks, but you must be in attendance for the entire course to receive full credit.).

If viewing the webcast as part of a group, one group member is required to answer the attendance questions on behalf of all group members. The attendance of group members is verified and documented by the group attendance form (accessible on the Group Tab).


How do I improve the sound quality of the webcast?

VoIP (Voice over IP, i.e., listening to the webcast through your computer’s sound system) is the primary means by which audio is delivered to webcast attendees, but for your system to be fast enough to accommodate VoIP, you should have access to a high-speed internet connection (preferably a wired, as opposed to wireless, connection). Please note that there can be issues with VoIP even with high-speed internet, if you are viewing the webcast over a connection that is shared by many other users. Check with your IT provider about how to get more bandwidth to your computer if necessary.

While some connections can accommodate multiple programs running simultaneously, for best VoIP results, close all programs competing for bandwidth. These can compromise the sound and picture quality and include browser windows, e-mail applications, instant messaging and other communication programs like MSN Messenger and Skype.

If the audio becomes choppy at any time during the webcast, refresh your browser. This will clear up most audio issues. Instructions will be posted during the webcast if audio issues persist.


Are there breaks during the webcast?

Yes. During an 8-hour webcast there is typically a short (10-minute) break in the morning, a one-hour (or half-hour, depending on the location) lunch break (around noon) and a short break in the afternoon.


How do I ask questions to the instructor?

Submit your question on the Ask the Instructor tab located at the top of the screen. We make every effort to address all questions asked, either by passing it on to the instructor in writing or by voicing the question on the attendee’s behalf. However, the number of questions asked and time constraints sometimes prevent us from answering them all.


How do I submit my feedback?

All webcast registrants will receive an evaluation email once the webcast is finished. Click on the link in the evaluation email, and fill out the form for your feedback to be submitted.

How do I receive my Certificate of Completion?

Certificates of completion are available at

Group registrants must log in individually to receive their certificates.


Are webcasts archived?

Customers who attend a webcast will have access to an archive for one year from the date of the recording at "Past events"

In addition, some Education Foundation webcasts are recorded and available for purchase. Because attendance cannot be verified, there is no CPE available for viewing a recorded webcast. However, many recorded webcasts are also converted into online self-study.

Search www.calcpa.org/SelfStudy to locate self-study or reference webcasts.


How do I cancel my registration?

To cancel your registration, call Member Services (800) 922-5272 (a cancellation fee may apply, www.calcpa.org/policies.)