Financial Literacy

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CalCPA Offers Resources from Next Gen Personal Finance for Middle and High School Audiences

CalCPA is using resources from Next Gen Personal Finance to support our financial literacy volunteers making presentations to both middle and high school audiences. As of 2020, NGPF's curriculum and professional development has extended to 40,000 middle and high school teachers reaching more than 2 million students. All resources continue to be FREE to access.

CalCPA financial literacy volunteers are encouraged to setup a free account to access these resources for their next presentation.

Dollars & Sense

CalCPA’s Dollars & Sense program consists of CPA-led workshops hosted by legislators, community groups, schools and businesses to help improve Californians’ financial literacy. These workshops provide tips on how to better manage your money, improve savings and investment strategies, save on taxes, and more.

Learn more about Dollars & Sense.

Disaster Recovery

CalCPA members provide free financial counseling services to victims of California disasters. Volunteers are available to assist victims with filing insurance claims, filing casualty losses on their income tax returns, cash flow planning and other services. CalCPA also provides free resource guides to help victims navigate the financial recovery process.

Learn more about financially preparing for and recovering from a disaster.

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Interested in improving the financial lives of Californians? Sign up to be a financial literacy volunteer today. Just sign in to your CalCPA member profile and select “financial literacy” as an interest to be added to the volunteer list. When there is a financial literacy need in your local chapter, you will be notified with an opportunity to volunteer. 

Financial Literacy Volunteer Resources

Resources are available to support CalCPA financial literacy volunteers as they deliver financial education to the public. Some of these resources include polling tools, online budgeting tools and topic specific power points.

Learn more about the volunteer resources.

Financial literacy volunteers, please submit your event flier request here. Please allow 10 business days for your request to be completed.