Financial Smarts for Teachers

7 Ways for Teachers to Get Financially Smart

If you are like many teachers, you may lack the proper financial knowledge to get the most from your earnings. Financial Smarts for Teachers (FSFT) is a program that can help you easily gain that knowledge. Consisting of seven hour-long segments, FSFT covers the following topics:
  • Taxes
  • Credit
  • Saving & Investing
  • Financial Planning
  • Home Ownership
  • Risk Management
  • Retirement
At your convenience, a CPA will lead a group of teachers through one or more units. Each program is interactive. You can ask questions about monetary issues that concern you and get answers that will help you make better decisions about your finances. You also will get checklists, budget sheets, glossaries and other useful resources to ease your financial decision-making.

The program is free. The CPA leader will not sell any products or services.

To schedule a school or school district visit contact David Lo.

Share Your Financial Smarts with Your Students

Apply the monetary lessons learned through the Financial Smarts for Teachers program in your classroom. A CalCPA member can visit your classroom to teach lessons from the High School Financial Planning Program.

Financial Smarts for Teachers is a joint development project of the California Jump$tart Coalition, CalCPA Institute and the California Council on Economic Education.